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So…..I got the grand idea to remove the popcorn ceiling in my kids’ bathroom today. I do not know where the idea came from or why I felt I was adequately prepared for such a task (I wasn’t) but I tackled it anyway. Actually, the ceiling made the decision for me since a frisbee size patch had already fallen on the heads of bathing children. My initial intent was to make an assessment of all of the stuff I needed to do in the bathroom when I did decide to redo it. That turned into me removing the ceiling. Go damn figure. Anyway, I neglected to take a before picture so I took one of the identical ceiling in the downstairs bathroom whose popcorn days are also numbered.

Let me insert a disclaimer here. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR CEILING FOLLOWING MY HAPHAZARD PROCESS. I.E. – do not listen to ish I say. Simply be motivated to get started on a project that you have left lingering. Get some get-up-and-go and get things to poppin’. Get it? Popcorn ceiling….popping??? Hahaha! CORNy. Hahaha. I did it again. I digress.

Here’s what I used:
1. A spray bottle that I found under the sink. I think my youngest daughter used it for one of her weaves.
2. A putty scraper.
3. A bottle of Riesling.

Please note all the ceiling crap on the floor in this picture. I figured since the bathroom is hella small and the tub is designed to be filled, then everything would just fall in the tub and I would then get the shop vac and clean-up would be a breeze.  And the sad thing is, I was sober when I thought that fraggernaggle bull up. Sheesh.

The process went a little something like this….spray, sip, scrape. Spray, sip, scrape. Sometimes, I mixed it up for variety. Sip, spray, scrape. I continued until popcorn begone. And after a few hours and one bottle later…voila! The hot mess (but popcorn free!) ceiling pictured below.

Actually, from all online accounts, I did a pretty good job. Very few gouges and I only fell off my chair once. I did learn a few things however and it would be remiss of me not to share:
1. Cover everything in plastic like the folks who know better tell you.
2. Do not drink wine during home improvement. Margaritas are more appropriate.
3. Do your research. I didn’t find out until after the fact that my popcorn could have had asbestos as many older cribs built before 1979 do. Thankfully, my house was built in the mid-80’s. God takes care of fools and babies. ‘Nuff said. I will keep you posted on my bathroom redo. Next stop, sanding and preparing the ceiling for paint and repainting the walls. I haven’t quite decided on colors but I am thinking artichoke and black. Please share your thoughts.