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I have become addicted to green.  Seriously. All shades although the brighter the better. And I really love the shades named after food like lime or  pistachio. The color is popping up everywhere in our house, indoors and outdoors. I will give you peeks into the coveted hue’s appearance in da haven later but for now, here is a peak at this year’s porch which has been kissed by the green bug:

I decided to add plenty of pops of green (note my coffee cup which I forgot was in the shot has green detailing as well:) as well as try my hand at being a green thumb again…through container gardening. Ya’ll know my yard had no respect for me. Sorry the pics suck but I am using my phone camera.  Anywho…this is a big switch from last year’s porch:

which was pretty blah except for the sheers which I loved and am thinking of doing again this year. It was too simple: tension rods and $5 sheers from IKEA. Although, I think this year, I will use some of those velcro dots thingamajiggas to hold the sheers in place at the bottom because the caught H-E-double hockey sticks during strong winds and thunderstorms.  The front part of the porch also looks very different as I did a cool pallet garden this year.