Yes, you read it right. The C-Shizzle was on Apartment Therapy. Its only one of my favorite design blogs in the entire world. It was a few months ago when I hadn’t quite gotten the hang of this blogging thing (which I am still learning at a woefully slow pace). I had no idea that I would actually get selected for a House Call. Check out my Apartment Therapy House Call here. Of course, my living room looks drastically different now (tour is a’coming). Look at Mr. Bench. Remember, I originally went with white:

   but I later decided to give him a chocolate makeover (see him to the right?).  Believe it or not, Mr. Bench has undergone even another transformation that I will share with you in the updated view of my living room. Although looking at him white is making me wonder if………

So my goal now is to be featured on a House Tour. Or a Design*Sponge Sneak Peek.  It will happen….because I believe so.

And let’s conclude with the prerequisite cute puppy pic. My Chewie and Mr. Bench have such a close, loving relationship. That dog appreciates quality.