Awww snap! Quills and papyrus, beware. C-Shizzle is coming for you. Seriously, my poetry left for a year. A year! I have begged, pleaded, threatened, and then begged again and nothing. No rhymes. No lyrical word play. Nothing. So I delved headfirst into other creative outlets – discovering a few new ones. I actually like to paint (who would’ve thunk?). I can’t say I am any good at it but I sure do enjoy it. I began this blog. I took some chances with my interior design and DIY skills. Looking back, I guess it was a positive thing after all since, when I was actively writing poetry and participating in spoken word, that was my main creative outlet. Now I have a more balanced menu.

So you wanna read my latest piece? Of course you do – so without further ado…here it is.

These Blasted Butterflies (Meant to be felt, not read)

These blasted butterflies are back besieging my belly

With the fervor of the unhurt

Making my hopes flit around like the weight of heartbreak

Never had them down

How easily love makes us forget

The heart leaves little room for regret

Mine hasn’t learned to respect the fact that you left me


It’s my loyal mind that recorded and faithfully reminds my love container

Of all those times

When all I wanted was for the pain to subside and extend just a little mercy

And my life to regain some semblance of normalcy

(I mean, with normal being relative)

But that heart o’mine; she is so quick to forgive

Forever breeding larvae of yesterday in hopes that

Today The One comes back and metamorphosis commences

She pushes me aside. Who am I to stand in the way of nature?

Of the written?

These blasted butterflies are back besieging my belly

And my heart once again convinces my mind

To let them fly

Poetry, I missed you. I surely did.