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And I am admitting it which is a big thing for me because I was always the kid in the back yelling “I didn’t do it!” I was recently visiting the site of my beloved Apartment Therapy and noted that they were hiring (gasp!) tour contributors (double gasp!) from all over. Now, if you know me, you know I love me some design. I also love my chosen career of nonprofit fundraising so this opportunity would prove the perfect marriage of both. I could take pictures of folks’ homes while asking for money. Win win situation. Or I could take pictures of spaces where I’m planning an event. The possibilities are endless since I come across a lot of interesting spaces in my job. Now the glitch was that I found out about it in the eleventh hour – well, more like the tenth hour but I wasted an hour with the “you can’t do that-sies”. Oh, Ms. Negative Self-Talk is a beeyotch. And she was PMS’ing that day. She was brutal with my poor psyche. So I had to call my best cheerleader who will remain unnamed for now (that’s a whole ‘nother blog, folks) to get my design mojo back. Then I had to call in my darlin’ friend and phenomenal photog John Riddick of 421 Studios to bail my arse out. See, I needed at least 20 high-quality pictures and I was nervous. Sweaty palms do not make for a good shot, my friends. I was doubting myself, OK? Plus, I had to clean up while the pictures were being taken. What??? I got three kids (count ’em – 1, 2, 3) and a dog. And it was on a Thursday. So the house was tore up from the floor up.

Anywho, John came to the rescue and what resulted was pure genius. At least I think so. Even Chewie got in on the shoot. Actually, he was trying to convince someone to play with his dog spit drenched chew toy. I had fun. I completed a House Tour for submission. And I submitted it. So I did it. And whether they want me or not (PLEASE WANT ME!!!), I feel good knowing that I stepped out on a limb to pursue my passion. And that is why I am the C-Shizzle.

I can’t post some of the pics from the shoot since I submitted them for the tour but I will share some of the ones we didn’t use with you. I have hopes of having one of those extremely organized blogs that have tours to all the rooms in the house one day…but not today. Smooches!