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Remember when being called a chicken was one of the worst insults, second only to “yo mama”? Well, I am here to tell you that I am not chicken…to step outside the box when it comes to my havenly (made up word alert) pursuits. I mean, this is my world afterall – at least within these four walls. I was at this cool antique store in Raleigh off Capitol Boulevard, Gresham Antique Mall, with the intention of buying some vintage mirrors for the guest room. Of course, I had picked out everything but mirrors including an iron porch chair, a black sheer apron (gotta keep it sexy in the kitchen), and a few other odds and ends. I then ran across this peculiar looking cage thingy. I knew I had seen one of these contraptions before but could not remember where. And then it dawned on me. I had seen one covered in good ole poultry poop growing up. It was a chicken crate.

It was marked $60 and it was tempting but I was already over my budget and had no idea what I would do with it. So I walked away. And the memory of that lonely crate wanting a good new home and purpose (don’t we all want to know our purpose?) followed me. So after a few hours, I called back down to Gresham’s to inquire about it and was told that it was 40% off. Hot Dayummm. Sold! I gave them my credit card information and went back to pick up my new pretty a few days later.

In the interim, I had been doing a little research. I ran across Homespun Living’s blog and found out how she repurposed her crate. Perfecto. Here is a picture of Homespun’s awesome crate creation:Image I opted to not add the glass top  since I was going to use it for DVD storage. Plus, I like the rawness of the top of my crate. I also didn’t add the casters since things that roll equate to a means of locomotion for my 9 year old. It was too simple: 4 premade legs from Lowe’s, some brackets to attach the legs, and voila! I have this sweet pretty:Image

Here is a full room view:Image

Its a real conversation starter, for sure. And it is so me. For those of you who are skurrred to take a design leap of faith, cast those fears aside and take a chance. Don’t be chicken. But if you are, feel free to come to our house. We have a place for ya:)