Sometimes, there are things in life that you just cannot control. No matter how much you try-divine interventions, others’ intentions, luck, serendipity, fate, coincidence- something plays a role in things turning out different than you planned or desired. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. I am not one who is able to always handle things graciously when they have the audacity to act in defiance of my instruction. How dare something have the nerve to be rebellious enough to not comply with my wishes? But I have improved with rolling with the punches (key word: improved). And I think that design has a lot to do with that. Lawd knows that things have not always gone according to plan when I have attempted to implement some artistic fete. I need not mention the streaked red walls; crooked stenciling; popcorn ceiling fiascos; etc. etc. But then there are those moments of simple, pure genius that make up for all the mishaps. A tablescape that finally works. A poem that finally feels. And it is those moments when I am able to lose myself in a creative outlet that better prepares me for those uncontrollable moments that can leave me feeling lost. I am grateful for my artistic anchors. I hope whoever reads this has found theirs and it provides you some sense of stability when things are simply beyond your control. Sometimes, its all about control. Then again, sometimes, its not:)