As I have gotten older, I have become the very thing that I used to others for. I have become….sentimental (gasp!). Yes, I, the notoriously hardcore , there-must-be-onions-in-the-room-if-you-see-me-sniffling scion of un-sentimental has gotten a bit soft. Ok. Who am I fooling? Those who know me, know that I have long been a lover of sweetness. I have pictures my oldest daughter drew in kindergarten…16 years ago. What I have learned to do, however, is blend in the sentimental stuff in a seamless way so that it has a place of significance without things getting too kitschy. I call this design movement Sentimental Infusion. Sounds intentional, doesn’t it? For example, my son’s declaration of environmental stewardship written on a discarded brown bag is now… a framed and prized manifesto. Andre Breton, author of the Surrealist Manifesto, can kick rocks in this biased momma’s eyes. Here are some other examples of my sentimental infusion: Note the beautiful art in the blue frame? My oldest daughter did that in the 8th grade. Here it is close up: A piece of bark my youngest daughter found becomes the perfect anchor piece for art: and driftwood found while beachcombing with the kids becomes the center of my tablescape, Pull out those boxes of your kids’ artwork and frame them. Decoupage a garage store find with some of those greeting cards that you are holding on to because of the memories that are attached to them. Be sentimental, dammit. Join the movement.