If you are one of the six people on the planet who hasn’t heard, I am fresh back from my sojourn to the beauteous island of jamaica. To say I had a ball is a true understatement. I had a blast! 5 days and 4 nights of absolute maximum chill bliss. I was accompanied by one of my best sisterfriends who had the same agenda as me – an uninterrupted good time. Mission accomplished.

This is me and Bob.Image

Overlooking Ochos Rios.Image

I picked up a few trinkets which I can share later but not now. Now, I am going to talk about how after being a guest of a resort, I had to think about how I could improve my guest accomodations. I mean, look at this:Image

And this…Image

And this….Image

You get my point.

So, I needed to rearrange things.I started off with shifting the guest bed to the other side of the room. Image

I love how the mirrors reflect on the wall…I have to redo the pillows and everything but just want you to get a gist of things. Above the bed is my bulletin board that was a gift from my baby sister Samhari. It contains cards from previous guests, a pic of me graduating with my bachelors, a hand drawn card from my baby boy, and other sweetness.Image

I added some more mirrors to my infamous wall of mirrorsImage

And other pops of color throughout…Image


And the best part is i didn’t buy a thing. I already owned everything. The bed was a $25 craiglist find that I spray painted green. I added the finials.


I found these for .99 a piece at the Goodwill and simply super glued these jokers on.

Now I just need some guests.

Whatchu doin’?