So after ending an on again off again relationship – again- I did what anyone would do when facing emotional upheaval. I stenciled the dining room table. Funny thing was, I didn’t plan it. The scene went something like this.

SETTING: In family vehicle riding home from church

Daughter: Mom, what is this?

Me: No idea

Daughter: It looks like a pattern or something

Me: Let me see. Oh its a stencil. I forgot I bought this.

Daughter: Oh Lawd. What are you going to do with it?

Me: No idea.

5 minutes later.

Me: I am going to stencil our dining room table.

Daughter: Oh LAWD

Who needs to lay on a couch? DIY therapy is way more cathartic if you ask me. Please forgive my photos being as this was very unplanned sporadic, I didn’t have time to locate my camera which has been MIA since returning from Jamaica. I will have to take some better pictures as my phone didn’t do the table justice and I do not want to deny any of you the opportunity to ooooh and aaaah appropriately. I had already done a distressed finish on my table, a beeyootiful farm house pretty I scored for $50 at Habitat ReStore. So this is what it looked like before I poured my heart into the stenciling…literally.Image

First thing, I had to gather some supplies. Luckily, I pretty much had everything on hand.



Painter’s tape

Paint (I used a high gloss green -a customized “oops” bargain I scored for $3 at Lowe’s)


Clear polyurethane (also gloss- not pictured)

Sponge brushes

So then came the actual stenciling. I decided to just eye things – keep with the whole unplanned organic flow of the project. I started off in the left bottom corner.


Easy enough, right. So then I dabbed some paint on my sponge brush. I am sure a stippling brush would have worked better but, again, this is an unplanned organic project which means you use what you have. Here is how my first stencil came out:

And less than one hour later…..Image

Voila! Eat your heart out:)