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So. I am engaged now. Check out my new blingage – not the best photo as it doesn’t show the full wattage of this bad boy and my nail polish is looking raggedy…blingage To THIS GUY ClarendaandMalcolmRemember him? He was the one I sorta kinda broke up with a while back because he was taking too long to put a ring on it although he kept saying he liked it.  For those who are catching up – here is a refresher post. Lucky for him (and me) he came to his senses and realized just how much he did indeed like it – likes it so much so that he wants it forever ever.  And we are planning a lovely little wedding. And now my betrothed– aka the Goose, aka Babes, aka My Boo Thang – known by the gub’ment as Malcolm- and I are co-habitating (blog post entitled THE COMPROMISES OF COHABITATION AND CLOSET SPACE….coming soon). The Haven Maven is now The He Has Almost Made Me An Honest Woman Haven Maven. Whoo hoo! So, like any excited newly engaged lass, I put his arse to work. Immediately. I mean, seriously, there are several projects I just have not had the nerve to tackle but need to be done before we enter matrimonial bliss. I would have done them solo but I have a lil reputation for sometimes causing serious, and occasionally, medical attention-requiring DIY damage.

Of course, being newly engaged, My Boo Thang and I needed a fresh start.  Where better to start than the love nest? While we ultimately will get an all new bed once our budget allows, for now we have decided to make do with a new headboard. More on what we (as in me) selected for a headboard later. The decision to replace the headboard left me with a bit of a quandary because I luuurved the chocolate West Elm circle cutout number that had been so good to me for the last 6 years of bachelorettedom. I saved up for her – yes, it was a girl, for 8 months and then got her on clearance. That’s her – Ms. Headboard – back in my single dayshouseexterior.Here is a more recent close-up of her in all of her chocolately, solid wood fineness….as you can see, she maintained her girly shape:IMAG0493 (1) I thought about selling her, even posted her on Craigslist, but could not bear the thought of permanent separation. I mean, she is one piece of sexy furniture. I felt such a kinship with her. There was only one thing we could do. I mean it was so obvious. We would turn Ms. Headboard into a wine rack bookshelf wall art porch daybed dining room table. And it would be banging……get it? Headboard? Banging? Welp. It was funny to me.

We got everything from Lowe’s. Here is what we used:

1. 4 of these table brackets thingamajingasScrew-on-Table-Leg-Bracket 2. Some ebony stain. I was looking for chocolate but could not find it. The ebony actually matched perfectly.ebony stain3. And four table legs.


So, because I am a trifling quasi-blogger, there are no step-by-step photos so I will have to talk you through the process. In short, here is what we did in 10 easy steps:

1. Used a reciprocating saw to cut off the part of the headboard that attaches to a frame so that we had an even rectangle (Malcolm)

2. Stain the legs (Clarenda)

3. Look for missing screws that Clarenda lost to the legs (Malcolm)

4. Find screws and attach to legs (Malcolm)

5. Fix herself a cocktail (Clarenda)

6. Attach brackets to each corner of the table (Malcolm)

7. Attach legs (Malcolm)

Malcolm table8. Oooh and Ahhh appropriately and then claim exhaustion (Clarenda)

9. Purchase a piece of plexiglass in a panic after discovering that tempered glass cannot be cut 3 hours before a dinner party (Clarenda)

10. Prettify thangs (Clarenda)

And here is the Table formerly known as Headboard (again, sorry for the crappy pics):



and BOOYAH!tabledone

Whose coming for dinner???