I am a happily divorced mommy to three of the most awesomest kids and the world’s cutest pup who is also a design enthusiast. Maven may be a little far-reaching to describe my design know-how but it rhymed with haven and was catchy. I do not know when I fell in love with design. Its just always been a part of my life. Had I received some decent career counseling in high school, I am positive I would have pursued it as a career. I didn’t however and ended up spending three years pursuing a degree in environmental science before I had an epiphany in organic chemistry. While I cared deeply about and still am a champion for the environment, a scientist I was not. Though I ended up as a fundraiser- and a darned good one I must add- I still love design. I love putting the unlikely together and making it look likely. Or making the thrifty find look expensive. I decided to blog because I know there are many out there like me who, though you may love making your space beautiful, must do it in an economically sensitive fashion i.e. for the low low. Or maybe you just feel that design is more than you can tackle.  I believe in livable design – my kids dictate that our interior lovelies are hardy as well as aesthetically pleasing. I should have bought stock in Gorilla Glue considering how many of our things that have been pieced back together.

I am also interested in natural living, writing, travel, and so much more so an occasional post may deviate from design. Bear with me:)

I would love to hear from you and your experiences – what’s worked, what hasn’t.  Share with me the things that you love – things that make ya go mmm- whether they be your creation or something spotted in one of your favorite stores.  This blog is a work in progress so definitely share your suggestions for how to make things better. My only requirement is that you keep it positive. I mean, if you think I did something that stinks, by all means express that. Just do it nicely. I am kinda sensitive:)


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your succulent garden, very pretty…and creative!

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